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Critical Illness

Due to the advances in medicines, treatment and early diagnosis with screening, the diagnosis of an illness and the subsequent treatment can have a bigger impact on a family than death. Income can be lost through not being able to work putting additional strain on the family at what would be the worst time. In addition the costs of some treatments and drugs may also be crucial in recovery and even survival.

Critical Illness cover is a plan designed to provide a tax free lump sum which would be payable on diagnosis of a specified critical illness. Some of the most common claims made for critical illness are cancer, heart attack, stroke, multiple sclerosis. Although most plans will pay out on diagnosis of between 40 and 50 different conditions (depending on severity,) there can be differences in the condition definitions and coverage between providers. The lump sum can then be used to pay off the mortgage or provide funds for treatment or to just support the family at what would be a particularly traumatic time.

There are so many variables when considering this type of cover and we would always ensure we take the time to explore the providers, their coverage (as different providers can cover more/less than others) and also the additional benefits before making a recommendation specific to both your needs and your budget.

We also appreciate that it may be difficult to meet during the day we offer a flexible diary and can also see you at your own home if more convenient.


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