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Please fill in the feedback questionnaire below. Any all questions by choosing a rating.

    1 to strongly disagree, 2 to disagree, 3 to neither disagree or agree, 4 to agree, 5 to strongly agree.

    1. I found it easy to arrange an appointment with the advisor.

    2. The advisor was clear and polite.

    3. The advisor was able to answer any question i had in a way that was clear and that was easily understood.

    4. The advisor presented and explained the documents which detailed the types and costs of the services that were available.

    5. The advisor kept me informed before, during and after the sale.

    6. I understand what the cost of the advice was and what i was being charged.

    7. The adviser asked me questions about my personal and financial circumstances and my long and short term objectives/goals before making a recommendation.

    8. On making the recommendations, the adviser explained the benefits and risks of the product(s) recommended in a clear way that was easily understood.

    9. I understand how the product recommended meets my objectives/goals and why it was recommended.

    10. I would be happy to recommend the adviser to my family and/or friends.

    11. I know what ongoing service my adviser is going to provide me

    12. Any other comments?

    I/we expressly consent to be contacted with a view to bringing to my/our attention in the future, products or services that may be of interest to me/us:

    • Mortgage products not linked to my/our existing arrangement

    • Any other products and services



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